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The purpose of persuasive essay is to convince the reader in the author’s rightness and to make him/her take the author’s position. To cope with this task the writer has to choose a debatable problem which can be examined from various sides. The author should be aware of each perspective of the question under consideration to choose the best suitable for him/her and present it conclusively to the reader. Persuasive essays disclose only one side of an issue – the one that the writer consider the most impressive for his audience. As any other type of essay, persuasive essays should be written in a certain structure: 1) Introductory paragraph – it should consist of a thesis statement which has to be a statement of position. The thesis statement can’t be dogmatic, as it cannot be debated. An introductory paragraph also presents the author’s definite position. The latter shouldn’t be too personal. It should present clear and direct point of view of the author supported by three best reasons ; 2) Main body – it should consist of at least three paragraphs, the reasons stated in the introductory paragraph serve as the topic sentences for each paragraphs. The essay writer should present specific evidence, examples, and statistics to persuade the reader in his/her point of view. Broad generalizations and personal opinions are forbidden as they cannot be taken for granted because of their insecurity. 3) Each topic sentence of the introductory paragraph should be followed by additional explanatory sentence closely related to the topic. Transition sentences joining the paragraphs also contribute to the overall logic of persuasive essay. 4) Conclusion – this is the last chance to convince the reader to accept the author’s position. This paragraph restates the main arguments of the writer thus giving the reader the proofs for the last time. The conclusion of persuasive essay shouldn’t have any new material. If you are to write an essay in 2 hours of such a type but lack persuasive essay ideas turn for help to our writers: there are dozens of ideas they want to share with you...

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